Thursday May 16, 1–3 PM
At the Black House


Sound of Repetitions and Destruction
Karin Bäckström – [krig]

At 1 PM [krig] will start a process of building a temporary yarn-based construction out of Speldosan, that generates a soundtrack based on the activity. The construction will be unravelled at the end of the day (4 pm). You are welcome to help [krig] with the making and to witness the success or a creation of a huge mess! (a.k.a Trassel..)

Thursday May 16, 4 PM
At the Black House entrance


Inauguration performances
”Tails on Sacred Cows”, performance by Alma Winkler
”I Hate This Place”, speech by Sarah Degerhammar

Thursday May 16, 5 PM
Everyday between May 17-26, 1.30 PM
The Black Building


My room
Performance by Maja Hjälte

In my room, I am carefree. I am Siri Derkert and this is my great big ground-breaking collage. I am the daring Tamara de Lempicka, the Dadaist Sophie Taeuber-Arp. I am an abstract expressionist and want to splatter like Pollock. I am an integral member of the Bloomsbury Group. I am Sonia Delaunay and paint on tablecloth, clothing and furniture. I am Maja Hjälte.

Friday May 17 / Fredag 17 maj, kl 9-17
Konstnärlig forskning – Konstnärliga utvecklingsprojekt
Presentationer och samtal


Välkommen till en dag med presentationer och samtal kring fem konstnärliga utvecklingsprojekt.

Karin Ahlin
Keep on Burning

Olof Einarsson
Artifacts, nature and the grey zone in between

Behzad Khosravi Noori
Blood and Honey, the logic of art from and about hyper politicized realms

Margot Sucksdorff Barolo
No Innocent Objects

Rolf Hughes
Artistic Research Exposition

En samtalspartner är inbjuden till varje utvecklingsprojekt och med utgångspunkt från respektive projekt blir det en gemensam diskussion. Dagen avslutas med mingel!

Moderator: Frida Lindberg, projektkoordinator och bildpedagog
Språk: svenska och engelska
Lokal: Svarta havet, Konstfack
Ingen föranmälan krävs

Saturday May 18, 12 PM – 4 PM
At the Black House


Dress in Beats or Dance in Loops?
Karin Bäckström – [krig]

As a part of the release event for the Textile Master’s publication, [krig] and Andreas will improvise a dj set in collaboration with a lineup of noisy garments, plugged into Speldosan. The garments are for anyone to try out! If more garments are needed, we will improvise new ones!

Saturday May 18, 12-4 PM
At the Black Building


The Master’s group Textile in the expanded field
“To dissect an unnoticed land into a domestic forest – an invisible mantra created IRL everyday”

Welcome to see the degree projects of the ten Textile in the expanded field master students this year. Get a copy of our deliciously new publication and mingle with us.

Music by [krig] and Andreas

Sara Reinholtz, Sandra Zupanic, Hale Güngör Oppenheimer, Karin Bäckström, Selene Mauvis, Sol Hanna Eriksson, Sarin Tasnathepgamol, Brynja Kjartansdottir, Sandra Lundberg, Kristine Leimanis de Borst

Saturday May 18, 1-3 PM
Vita Havet


on typography

SUBVERSIVE TYPE or POST-EXOTICISM or این خط پولساز فارسی
Behzad Khosravi
on exoticism and commodification of non-western alphabets

Maryam Fanni
on neon signs, planned gentrification and whiteness

Rikard Heberling
on type design, eugenics and nationalism

Prologue: Johanna Lewengard

Opening act: Uje Brandelius

Saturday May 18, 4 PM
“We need to talk” book launch
GDI reading space, Vita Havet


Simon Hessler, Esther De Groot and Christian Skovgaard

Launch party for the GDI Master graduates’ degree publication “We need to talk”.

Sunday 19 May, 11 AM – 1 PM
“Serie-walk” workshop – Between place, text and drawing
GDI reading space, Vita Havet


Christian Skovgaard

Ages +10, in English
A guided walk around Telefonplan and Konstfack, followed by a drawing session.
Limited number of places, book at chr_skovgaard@hotmail.com.

Tuesday May 21, 3–5 PM
At the Black House


Picnic – Seven kinds of colours
Karin Bäckström – [krig]

Picnic around Speldosan. Join us in the making of wreaths or garlands in macramé, wool and with sequins, as a preparation for the midsummer-dance on Saturday. Special support from Sol Hanna Eriksson’s soda-tree (The seven and a half legged tree) and Sandra Lundberg who is a master in sequin-embroidery. Have a coffee, make a wreath, drink some soda or eat a cookie with us.

Thursday May 23, 8 PM – 1 AM
At Hemliga trädgården, Johannesbergsgatan 6, Midsommarkransen



Celebration party by the Master’s group Textile in the expanded field.
Music, drinks, snacks and party! Get a copy of our delicious publication and celebrate with us!

DJ [krig] and Andreas

Cash is queen.

Friday May 24, 2–4 PM
Open Synthesis: Increased Resolution Fabric of Architecture


The term “data materialisation” means architecture may finally resonate with the complexity of ecology. In relation, “data visualisation” exposes the hidden beauty, intelligence and complexity of observed systems; however data materialisation can produce these within new synthetic fields, increasing matter’s design ability and enabling enriched synthesis. These concepts are presented by Alisa Andrasek, designer of Biothing and Bloom Games and director at GAD UCL in Bartlett, London.
Moderator: Susanne Helgeson, design journalist and author, Stockholm
Language: English
Venue: Svarta havet
No registration is required.

About Friday Lectures
Friday Lectures is a series of talks with the aim is to give master students an unexpected, yet inspirational education experience. The theme for this spring was Transitions: “Reality – fantasy: A controlled mindset versus subconscious unfettered thinking. We are in constant transitions between light and dark, love and hate, life and death. Changes, transitions, cravings…How do they affect us, can we steer them and are we prepared for the upcoming, big ones?”

Friday May 24, 5 PM
At Svarta havet


Transexotic’s Tourette’s
Performed by Rosinha Transexotic and Sebastian Nylund.
Experimental sound performance exploring the expanded fields of involuntary movements and vocalizations from the Postcolonial to Postcoloniality.

Saturday May 25, 2–4 PM
At the Black House


The Pre Midsummer Dance – a.k.a Klassdans!
Karin Bäckström – [krig]

Experiment in weaving by dancing, but also a celebration of the two years our class have known each other. Inspired by European ribbon dances the Textile in the Expanded Field class will gather at 2 pm to figure out how this is going to sound and work. For the last dance around 4 pm everyone is welcome to join us!

Saturday May 25, 4 PM
At the Black House entrance
”Tails on Sacred Cows”


Performance by Alma Winkler



KEEP ON BURNING, a documentary by Karin Ahlin.
Getting accepted into an art school is not easy, but what is it like to graduate?

TRANSEXOTIC’S TOURETTE’S, performed by Rosinha Transexotic and Sebastian Nylund.
Experimental sound performance exploring the expanded fields of involuntary movements and vocalizations from the Postcolonial to Postcoloniality.

Thursday May 16
Rosinha Transexotic and Sebastian Nylund: 10.00-10.50, 18.00-18.30
Karin Ahlin: 11.00-12:00, 17.00-18.00, 19.00-20.00

Saturday May 18
Karin Ahlin: 15.00-16.00

Sunday May 19
Karin Ahlin: 15.00-16.00

Saturday May 25
Karin Ahlin: 15.00-16.00

Sunday May 26
Karin Ahlin: 15.00-16.00

Welcome to the exhibition opening on May 16, 12pm–8pm. Inauguration at 4pm by Vice-Chancellor Maria Lantz and Curator Johanna Karlin.
Thur May 16 – Sun May 26
Opening May 16, 12pm–8pm
Monday–Friday 12pm–7pm
Saturday–Sunday 12pm–4pm
Subway: Telefonplan
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