Hanna Gustavsson

“Ingrid is 14 and really just wants to be alone with her computer. Under the alias “Nattbarn” [Night Child] she hangs out on different forums, when she’s not busy Googling sexual organs. It is her refuge from a murderously boring teenage existence and a mother who has just got together with the incredibly annoying Bosse.

When Ingrid starts eighth grade, she discovers that the school photographer shares her interest in hard rock, and a secret friendship begins via the internet. One Friday when her mother is with her boyfriend, Ingrid decides to seize the opportunity – she will go over to the photographer’s house…”

“Nattbarn” is a graphic novel about being in an awkward age, seeking identity and longing for independence.

It is the debut book of Hanna Gustavsson, published by Galago in April 2013.